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Welcome to the Kane Lobo Wolves Website!

 This site is dedicated to Doctor Edward H. McCleery who saved the last four lobo wolf pups from being exterminated by the United States Biological Survey during the 1920’s.  He prevented a subspecies of the grey wolf, the great plains wolf, (Canis lupus nubilus) from being completely eliminated.  He then cared for them, bred them, and started a thriving tourist attraction in Kane, Pennsylvania to educate people about wolves. 


My grandparents and parents took me to see the wolves when I was a toddler.  I still see the wolves faces and hear their howls.  My interest in Doctor McCleery and his wolves is ongoing.  I've written an historical novel that documents some of what I know.  Right now,  there are only a few copies left and it is only available on www.amazon.com until a 3rd printing is ready, hopefully in early May 2015.

I'd love to hear your stories and have you share your documents or photos with me on this site.  If you are willing to share a photo that I don't have in my collection and provide written permission to allow me to post it on this site, I will mail you a FREE copy of my book!  I am always searching for real photos and post cards from Doctor McCleery's wolf pack.  I will also send you a FREE book for any real photo of Rose V. Carroll, Helen McCleery, or Mary Byham McCleery as adults.


THANK YOU TO ALL THAT DONATED!  The application was  completed and submitted on June 16, 2014. The review of the submitted applications will begin in early 2015 by the Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission. It is a long and intensive review process.  When approved, the marker is to be placed on Route 6 nearby where the ruins of his great wolf park once stood.  Those who donated will receive communication regarding the insertion of the marker.  This project is supported by the Kane Historic
Preservation Society.  You can still donate funds towards the marker and landscaping around the marker, by mailing contributions to:  Kane Historic Preservation Society, Kane Depot, 1 South Fraley Street, Kane, PA  16735 or by donating any amount to PayPal by clicking here.

Thank you for your support!  Donation tracking updated 12-27-2014.  A huge THANK YOU to the 2013-14 Kane Area Middle School Entrepreneurial Business Elective (KAMS EBE) class who raised $1,100 of this total for Dr. McCleery's marker and is submitting the application with me!

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